500 Emerging Europe's

The Széchenyi Funds will invest 10 million euros into the latest capital fund of 500 Emerging Europe, an American investor company.

As a result of the business, talented Hungarian businesses can not only get a unique opportunity for essential early capital investment, but also direct access to the vast markets of goods, services and capital in the United States, among others.

As a member of 500 Global , the strategy of investors who have just arrived is to use their American background to help their early stage startup portfolio companies reach the North American market. And the best performing businesses can even participate in new rounds of capital increase. The future investors of their companies are the most renowned venture fund managers in the world, such as Tiger Global, Sequoia, Two Sigma, Y-Combinator and Techstars. With this method, they have already been able to help the companies of many talented entrepreneurs from scratch to valuation over $100 million.

Although the EBRD is present, the investors in the new fund are primarily private investors. With the Széchenyi Funds being the largest among investors, the agreement to set up 500 Emerging Europe's Central and Eastern European headquarters in Hungary may have been part of the current business. This opens the way to employ local employees and host investor events. In addition, the launch of a targeted talent management program is also planned.

Furthermore, part of the cooperation is that the amount corresponding to the total investment of the Széchenyi Funds will be invested in Hungary and in the narrower region over the next few years.

You can read the detailed interview with the founders on portfolio.hu .